“Killer Stepmom” review: Julia Terranova star talks about mysterious death and revenge


Channels like Lifetime have always been careful to keep the balance of entertainment in the lives of their viewers. Previously, the channel had a list of romantic Christmas movies and now a deadly resolution filled with thrillers and mystery films.

‘Killer Stepmom’ sees Brianna (Julia Terranova) as a high school student known to lie and create trouble. Brianna was very distracted after her father, Daniel (Jon Briddell) and mother Annie (Alison Robertson) made a mutual divorce decision. Brianna was not happy with their decision and her father’s remarriage to Susanna (Jillian Murray). Brianna was unable to get good grades due to the current situation with her family. She started living with her father when she discovered suspicious activities of her stepmother. After following her stepmother, she found her murdering Randy McNabb (DC Douglas) in the parking lot.


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Julia Terranova as Brianna in “Killer Stepmom” (Lifetime)

Brianna tried to tell everyone about her reality, but no one was ready to believe her because of her previous lies. On the other hand, Susanna was aware that Brianna was aware of her actions, but she took it as an advantage and proved to everyone that Brianna didn’t love her stepmom. Although Annie was also not ready to believe Brianna, she became suspicious and began to investigate Susanna’s past.

Annie even went to jail to meet Roxanne (Lisa Long), who hired Randy McNabb to keep tabs on Susanna. As Annie and Brianna got closer to the truth, Brianna’s stepmother also decided to kill them. She tried to give Annie drugs and it resulted in Annie’s car accident. Luckily she was safe, but Susanna hired a killer for Annie. However, the killer failed in his mission and Susanna herself texted Brianna from Daniel’s phone. Brianna went to meet her father. She did not know that everything was planned by her mother-in-law.

Alison Robertson as Annie in “Killer Stepmom” (Lifetime)

Annie found out that Susanna was getting revenge as she lost her family and believed that Daniel was responsible for her loss. So she wanted to do the same with him and his family. The movie might have been a simple watch if Susanna hadn’t been portrayed as a serial killer with a dramatic past. Richard Switzer produced “Killer Stepmom” excellently. The scenes are seamlessly integrated into the play thanks to the creative writing of Richard Switzer and Daniel West.

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