Kildare Nationalist – Funerals to the funny… a contrarian with odd eyes brings her show to Moone


By Finian Coghlan

IN WHAT is probably the widest professional spectrum – from funeral to funny – performer and writer Derbhile Graham will present his one-woman show people wipe me at the Croí Anú Creative Center in Moone the week of Friday (August 5) “on the life of a contrarian with goofy eyes”.

“Basically it’s about me being a contrary person,” laughed the author, who is also a secular funeral celebrant.

“It’s about the slow apocalypse of blandness. I mean, why does it always have to be vegetable soup? she postulated rhetorically about the similarity of Irish menus.

Based in Waterford, but originally from Clonmel (where she is known by the surname of Dromey) where the show was created, Derbhile will give her a second outing in Clonakilty before coming to Moone under Mary Pat Moloney.

“I haven’t been there, but they tell me it’s lovely,” she said.

Derbhile chose Moone over the larger Riverside in Newbridge and Moat in Naas because she was mentored there by Angela Keogh, a writer and theater director who teaches creative writing at Croí Anu alongside her husband, John Mackenna.

“He said his wife could guide me, then I got an Arts Council scholarship and she put me in touch with Mary Pat, and that’s how I ended up in Moone,” said said Derbhile.

people wipe me is a 60-minute show that mixes comedy, theater and spoken word where Derbhile reflects on important questions such as: “Why do the Irish take so long to say goodbye? And will the apocalypse come in the form of vegetable soup?

“It’s about the unwritten rules that we’re all supposed to follow and what happens if you decide to break them,” says Derbhile.

“Why do other people have different standards of how to behave? »

“It raises questions about the price we pay to be ourselves. Oh, and there will be some laughs along the way,” she promised.

“I like to walk on the wrong side of the greenway. You know, because they always want you to walk one way and the other way — kinda breaking the rules,” she said.

“The title? Well, sometimes some people wipe me out because of my disheveled state, but it has many meanings, and people can take whatever they want out of it,” Derbhile said.

“I’m pretty happy with how it’s gone so far, and by the time I get to Moone, I’ll have done two shows and hit my stride by then,” a- she declared.

“I hope everyone in Kildare is mad to go out [after Covid],” she says.

Derbhile Dromey Graham is an author, creative writing tutor and spoken word artist.

She has published a novel, The Pink Cage, and has performed her spoken word at Imagine Festival in Waterford, Bewley’s and the Dolmen Theaters in Dublin.

Tickets for the Derbhile show are €10 at the door. Visit the Croi Anu website, www.croianu.iefor questions about the show.

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