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Eric Duran ’17
Producer, audience development at Yahoo!
CRF Honors College, Broadcast Media and International Relations

“Push around.”

Where did you end up your first internship that helped you get to where you are now?

My first internship that launched my career was an internship at Viacom, working on a Nickelodeon show in Miami. It was my first time in a real TV studio and I was working alongside other CRF interns in different areas of TV development. Although I ended up stepping away from scripted television, it opened the door to many opportunities for me to come.

What did you learn from your internship or your first job that you use in your daily life?

After Viacom, I worked on several information internships and media programs and they all taught me one thing: your hard work never goes unnoticed. You might not get a pat on the back after every task, but the impression you leave on others will last a lifetime. Almost every team I’ve had has helped me land my next role, so make sure the bonds you build remember you beautifully.

What advice would you give to students starting their careers or actively looking for an internship?

Pushing. Everyone wants to land their dream job, but the work you put into it and your ambition is what sets you apart. Always remember how hard you worked to get here. It will motivate you and strengthen your work ethic.

How has the FIU helped you start your career?

My career began with a job offer from Professor Bustos, who helped me land my first job at Univision. This recommendation took me all the way to New York to work at NBCUniversal, and that’s why I’m where I work today as a producer at Yahoo.

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