Interview with Rouven Mohr, Technical Director and Mitja Borkert, Head of Design, Lamborghini


Mitja Borkert: “I think I see other manufacturers following that. We’re much more emotional at Lamborghini and following our successful design DNA that you see even in the Countach, which gave shape in terms of the silhouette to Lamborghini. Lamborghini for us it still follows that DNA The Huracan itself, for us it’s really essential that our customers can really spot the difference and we have derivatives in the Huracan model range that are crystal clear to the customer So we have the STO, the track tool with the big fenders and the clamshell hoods and so on, so this model is crystal clear The Huracan Tecnica is where you have the best compromise (in a positive sense) between a Everyday Huracan, you enjoy the sound, you can have a great weekend with your partner, and you have all the space for luggage.

“So in terms of the design, we wanted to do a big design update to make the car look really fresh and cool, everything just fits the original basic Huracan shape perfectly. So when you look at the front of the Huracan Tecnica you see there’s this new front light created in carbon fiber so I’m also using that for the design change because when you see the Huracan Tecnica from the front , the front fender and the hood create more three-dimensional shapes.more lifestyle approach, because you can have this carbon fiber but also invisible carbon fiber.So the lower parts of the nose, we created this curtain in Y shape so it graphically enlarges the graphic of the front light, it is very appreciable have these fenders in the front which are also very important Everything was also related to the technical briefing of the Huracan Tecnica, which was to increase the support and reduce drag born. So it’s also an important technical briefing before we start such a car. Also, because we wanted to improve brake cooling, we worked on the front of the car, improving all the brake cooling channels, the entire subfloor was also redesigned to have better brake cooling channels. brakes. The body of the Huracan Tecnica uses some nice inspiration because when you see the window line that rises and you see that little rear window that’s also an air intake, that’s inspired by the window graphic of the Essenza SCV12. Going back to the Tecnica briefing it was still a rear wheel drive car with rear wheel steering so it was clear this car is fun to drive so we really wanted to embrace the rear tires so we’re changing the fender rear so the entire greenhouse of the Tecnica is exaggerated and all the rear fenders are really pronounced. For lightness reasons and also for downforce design reasons we have implemented this hard integrated rear wing which is fixed. It gives a little more momentum, but it’s also important to create this support. Finally, when you look at the rear of the car, we have a brand new diffuser, we have this hexagonal tailpipe which creates a beautiful Lamborghini sound. I always say it’s not an exhaust, it’s a musical instrument. And this hexagon is also found in the new wheels. The wheels are 20 inches front and rear, and that uses that as well.

“The interior is also created to increase the feeling of piot, especially in the saloon configuration, we have a new sports seat, we have a dedicated color and trim, and we also offer for the first time for the Huracan a performance door, so you can have the STO door panel which is carbon fiber, also to reduce the weight a little bit, so there’s a lot to do to have a new car that has the fresh air for this chapter of the Huracan We have a much wider spread for the customer as an offering ranging from a lifestyle focused car to one that is also ready for track days and c It’s a car that also updates the interior and offers more opportunities.

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