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Did you know that there is a wealth of writers in Waconia? Or what maybe you are?

The Waconia Writers Group is a place where established and aspiring writers can share, read, discuss, celebrate and encourage their work. The group has been in place since 2014 and has resumed regular meetings at the Waconia library after limitations due to the pandemic. Their next meeting is this Saturday, October 2, 10:30 am, in the magazine corner of the library.

Local author Jen Anderson describes herself as “a dreamer, traveler, adventurer, music lover, book collector, addicted to the imagination … and a writer since she started jotting short stories shortly after learning to hold on. a pencil”.

She is also the author of the content for the Waconia Writers’ Group website and was on the boulevard at Nickle Dickle Day with news and work promoting the group.

“No matter where you are with your writing, you have a place with us,” Anderson said.

There are about 15 writers who have attended meetings in the past, according to Anderson. She calls the group a platform for fellow writers to explore writing assignments and options, working on writing projects and giving reviews, and practicing their craft. For example, a meeting might include a writing prompt such as a sentence or short passage that provides a starting point for an original essay, topic idea, or a prompt to take a story and turn it into a fairy tale.

Anderson would be happy to receive the final write-up.

She says her interest in writing goes to the fantasy world and science fiction. She has published a book of poetry which she prefaces “For Dreamers …” and is currently working on what she calls a “post-apocalyptic pirate adventure”.

Her favorite writers are science fiction writers, and she notes that science fiction is an increasingly popular genre. Maybe that’s because of the times we live in – a pandemic, climatic events such as floods and fires, political turmoil and anxiety. Either way, science fiction takes familiar elements and then mixes with speculation about the future and the future of our society, good or bad, which alarms and excites the imagination.

But you don’t have to be a fantasy or science fiction writer to join the Waconia Writers Group. Anderson notes that there are other creative writers in the group who focus on other genres, as well as non-fiction writers working on essays or memoirs.

You also don’t need to be a published author to belong.

There aren’t many writers who can make a living as an author, Anderson acknowledges. She has a “day job” as an administrative support supervisor in the Hennepin County Department of Social Services and Public Health.

But there are more opportunities than ever to be an author with a variety of self-publishing options, and the National Endowment for the Arts reports from a recent survey that for the first time in more A quarter of a century, literary reading has increased among American adults. . More than half of those surveyed (58.4%) said they have been reading more since the pandemic. So maybe the start of a trend?

“The Waconia Library is pleased to have this partnership with the Waconia Writers Group,” said Paul Ericsson, Branch Manager. “Welcoming a group of writers is a natural part of the Library’s mission, vision and strategic plan.

For more information on the Waconia Writers Group, visit There is also an anthology of selected works by Waconia writers published in 2020 titled “View from the Shore”.

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