Gordon Murray Automotive unveiled the exciting all-new T.33



The two-seat, mid-engined T.33 has been designed, engineered and manufactured without compromise to deliver the ultimate blend of performance, comfort, on-road driving experience and everyday usability. The T.33 will be powered by a specially reconfigured version of the 3.9-litre T.50 V12, co-engineered with Cosworth, and already considered the best 12-cylinder road car engine of all time. The beautifully proportioned, aerodynamically efficient and timeless design of the T.33 will be built around a new super lightweight carbon and aluminum architecture. Its overall target weight is less than 1,100 kg. Prof Gordon Murray CBE, “With the T.33, our second all-new car, we have set ourselves a very clear goal: to create another timeless design. It has been designed and manufactured to the same exacting standards as our T.50, with the same emphasis on driver orientation, performance, lightness and pure, exceptional design, but the result is a very different motor car. . It’s a car where comfort, effortless performance and day-to-day usability are even more at the forefront of its character. “Gordon Murray Automotive is a brand that pushes the boundaries of automotive innovation. We are already developing a global reputation that sets us apart from all other car manufacturers. We don’t chase trends. We are not looking for stock performance numbers. We don’t chase sales. Neither will we ever be. That’s why, now and in the future, GMA vehicles will always adhere to our seven fundamental principles. Principles that are the cornerstone of our brand, our world-leading vehicles and the legacy we create. The T.33 represents the highest expression of automotive art that no other company, no other automotive designer could have created. “The beauty of simplicity is key to the design of every GMA model, and the new T.33 is no exception. As with the T.50 and T.50, every component and every curve and radius is a bespoke design on the T.33 and is there because it has a function to perform. Our slavish adherence to the concept of the art of engineering extends well below the surface of the T.33 body. Every part, no matter how small and regardless of whether the owner ever sees it, is engineered to the same exacting standards as the body,” Murray said. Once again GMA has turned to technical partner Cosworth, leveraging a relationship that has stood the test of decades and predates Gordon Murray’s first Grand Prix victory with Cosworth in 1974 at Kyalami with Carlos Reutemann in a Brabham BT44. The more than 60 years of experience of the world leader in engines have been brought together to meet GMA’s specifications. Standard, the GMA T.33 has a six-speed manual transmission with an optional steering wheel transmission. Murray, “The engine is the heart and soul of any supercar. And to ensure driving perfection, it has to be bespoke, and it has to be normally aspirated. We’ve been lucky enough to have the biggest V12 in the world of the T.50 as a starting point. Yet nothing was taken for granted and no part was automatically postponed without due diligence and consideration. When we teamed up again with our technical partner Cosworth to create an engine tailor-made for the T.33, every detail has been painstakingly considered, many systems and components have been re-engineered and re-engineered to strive for excellence, and we are 100% confident that the GMA.2 V12 perfectly matches the specifications of driving of the T.33. Aerodynamic When launched in 2020, the GMA T.50 rewrote the supercar rulebook with the most advanced and efficient aerodynamics ever seen on a road car, made possible by its unique fan-mounted fan. back. Now it’s the turn of the equally innovative T.33 to create a new era of road car ground effect aerodynamics. This time there is no rear fan involved, but nevertheless, deploying many lessons learned with the T.50 project, Gordon Murray and his team have once again raised the bar with the Passive Boundary Layer Control system. (PBLC) of T.33. The ground effect dynamics provided by the PBLC system freed Gordon Murray and his design team from having to fit the T.33 with the fenders, skirts and vents that adorn most modern supercars. The only concession is the active rear spoiler, which unfolds automatically, but can also be activated by the driver. The rear wing also offers a high downforce mode, increasing downforce and an improved aerodynamic braking function. The cabin of the T.33, like that of the T.50, is entirely driver-focused and represents a return to beauty. And while all the main controls are rotary and analog, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are included as standard. Customers can choose between right- or left-hand drive and manual or IGS transmissions with paddle shifters. They can work with GMA’s design team to configure their own bespoke ergonomic and interior specifications and choose body color. A wide range of options, including an SVS sports package, further expands the customization potential. The attention to detail in GMA’s unique customer journey goes beyond the personalization and delivery process. Owning a GMA supercar is an invitation to join the Gordon Murray Automotive family. The company’s highly experienced aftersales team is set up to support owners worldwide, wherever they choose to drive their car. GMA cars are designed with reasonable maintenance costs in mind, thanks to a worldwide network of authorized service centers and workshops. “I am extremely proud of our team who have tirelessly applied our fundamentals to deliver this incredible motor car,” concluded Murray. Source: Newspress

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