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FAIRMONT – The City of Fairmont worked with consultants on the development of four concept designs for the Gomsrud Park redevelopment project.

City engineer Troy Nemmers explained that they were considering a redevelopment plan that focused primarily on the boat launch and parking lot, as they are in the worst condition.

“When the staff reviewed it, we felt it was important to look at a full master plan with the park, using what already exists and maybe adding a few more amenities and features,” Nemmer said.

He said all existing features, such as playgrounds and the pavilion, are intended to remain. Rather, they seek to improve the spaces around the park.

The four renderings, created by landscape architecture firm SGA Group, are of different themes. The consultants named them recreational/educational heritage, event leisure, naturalism “rustic” and water recreation.

“It was nice to see that they are all very different,” Nemmer said.

The designs have different access points to the park, parking lots of different sizes, and feature various features that correlate with the different themes.

Next week, the city will have a booth at the Martin County Fairgrounds where information about the park’s redevelopment plans will be available and all four renders can be viewed. Nemmers said that while they won’t really be taking comments at this time, it will give people a chance to look at the various concept designs.

“They may get an idea of ​​what we’re thinking so they can give us feedback.” Nemmer said.

Comments will be sought at a public comment meeting from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on August 25 at the SMEC building in Fairmont.

“We really want people to say, ‘I’m really going for this, and I really like this,’ and take the four concepts and focus on one or two, depending on how different they are for a final design.” Nemmer said.

The cost estimate will be developed from the final schematic design.

Nemmers said they would like to have preliminary numbers ahead of the city’s draft budget in September. Then, it is planned to present two final concept plans to the city council at the end of October or the beginning of November.

“After final board selection, we will estimate total costs and prepare them before final budget approval in December,” Nemmer said.

If the budget is approved with money set aside for the project, work would begin as early as 2023. Nemmers also said it could be a long-term project with work done in a few phases.

Previously, the Fairmont Park Board indicated that work on Gomsrud Park was among the projects they would like the city council to include in the 2023 budget.

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