Feeling ‘Blue’: Columbus student’s short film comes to life


Columbus was once again the site of lights, camera and action this past weekend as an Indiana-based film company worked to bring a local graduate’s script to life.

Local students worked with a team from Pigasus Pictures and CSA New Tech graduate Piper Parks to shoot her short, “Blue.”

Pigasus co-founders John Armstrong and Zachary Spicer announced in March that Parks had won the fifth annual “Project Pigasus” (later renamed “Project Constellation”) screenwriting competition. The Indiana-based film company had invited high school students across the state to write short scripts — 12 pages or less — based on their own experiences in Indiana.

Parks is now a student at Indianapolis University, studying English with a focus on creative writing. However, she was able to return to Columbus to participate in filming.

“It was crazy, but in the best possible way,” Parks said. “It was absolutely amazing. I loved seeing the actors bring it to life. The crew was so, so nice. I loved being there. I loved watching the lines engage. I liked actors who improved and asked me questions, making sure they were doing everything right.

She was able to work with the director, point out the things she wanted to fix, and talk with the actors playing her characters. She reported that filming went well, despite the rain on Saturday, and the crew had everything they needed.

The filming of “Blue” had been repeatedly pushed back due to scheduling hurdles such as the local prom, Parks leaving for college, and the film’s first cinematographer who fell with COVID- 19. Parks isn’t sure how long it will be before the finished product is ready, but post-production could take up to nine months. She hopes to be involved in the editing of the film.

During filming, Pigasus also shot interviews with Parks for a mini-documentary about the making of “Blue.”

“Blue” was inspired by Parks’ experience struggling with loneliness and depression amid the pandemic. She said getting out and looking at the “art and beauty” of Columbus helped her overcome her depression.

Some of the local landmarks featured in the film include the Crump Theatre, The Commons, Mill Race Park, and the Cummins Corporate Office Building.

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