Escondido author wins Writer’s Digest award for YA series


YA author Tanya Ross, who has won several prestigious writing awards for her YA Tranquility series.

Escondido author Tanya Ross has won several awards, including one from Writer’s Summary for her books of fiction for young adults, the Tranquility Series.

She was a Writer’s Digest e-book award winner for YA, an Indie Author Project for California winner, a YA winner for the Southern California Book Festival, and an honorable mention for the YA-New York Book Festival.

the Tranquility Series follows the story begun in the futuristic dystopia”To get up,” the first book in the series, where readers meet characters who must respect the laws of their city obliging them to always be happy and positive.

The stories are inspired by Ross’ experience with her son: “My son was born with fragile X syndrome, which is characterized by frequent mood swings,” she explained. “We’ve worked hard to minimize the emotional ups and downs, teaching him and encouraging him to stay calm no matter what he’s feeling. The fictional town of Tranquility I’ve created also challenges its citizens from being positive and even-tempered, to having complete control over every emotion.

Face to facetakes place after the three main characters of “To get up“, Ember, Will and Xander discover that their town isn’t so perfect and happy after all. In “Facing Off”, the teenagers of Tranquility set out to deliver a brewing revolution to the magistrate, the town’s leader. But when the Magistrate of Tranquility goes looking for them, he sends them scattering in the wind in a desperate attempt to survive.

Faced with impossible obstacles, they take enormous risks that change everything, especially for the main character, Ember, an empath, who discovers secrets about her family that she never knew.

In the world we live in today, where technology controls much of what we do or say, the parallels run deep with these more intense issues that “To get up” and “Face to face” to explore. These themes lead the reader to reflect on how our lives are influenced by social media and the pressure to be happy. The characters in the book are willing to put their lives on the line to be freed from the reach of “Big Brother”.

“The ups and downs of our emotions, which make us human, are often the very bane of our existence. And when do we determine what is acceptable and what is not, and how much we hide or share with others? asks Ross. “I wanted to write books, especially for young adults, that show how technology and human emotion can be corrupted and used to control people.”

Ross draws on her 32 years of experience teaching high school students, where strong emotions, peer pressure and the latest social media platforms influence vulnerable lives.

Have you ever dreamed or thought about what it would be like to live in a world where the number one priority is to be happy, joyful and peaceful? Welcome to Tranquility. A place where you let go of all your fears. However, how would you feel if you were forced to be happy? What if each of your emotions was monitored? It is also Tranquility. A rebellion remembered for moments in history takes place to overthrow the magistrate of the people of Tranquility. Who will end up winning?

Rise Up, ISBN 9781733959 – $11.99

Face to Face, ISBN 1733953914 – $17.99

Available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other outlets.


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