Elon Musk’s Tesla sued, ‘Black Swan’ author calls bitcoin tumor, FDA clears most expensive drug and more: 5 key stories you may have missed from the weekend


As the market anticipates the Federal Free Market Committee meeting, discussions over the weekend focused on the Fed’s decision and its implications for growth and financial markets.

Here’s a recap of some headlines that made headlines over the weekend:

Black Swan author slams Fed, Bitcoin: Nassim Taleb renewed his Bitcoin BTC/USD bashing and also criticized the Fed for keeping interest rates at extremely accommodative levels. “Zero interest rate for a long time, you hurt the economy, you create a bubble, create tumors like bitcoin,” he said. He renewed his call for the crypto apex to go as low as 0.

Disney-Comcast Lock Horns on Hulu: streaming platform Hulu majority owned by Walt Disney Company SAYwhile Comcast Company CMCSA holds a 33% stake in the platform. The two companies have reached an agreement to transfer full ownership of Hulu to Disney in 2024.

Disney CEO Bob Chapeck recently sounded out its intention to push back the timeline for acquiring the remaining stake in Hulu. While Chapek suggested a lower price could be renegotiated, the Comcast CEO Brian Robert ruled out such a move.

Tesla sued for misleading FSD advertising: A Tesla Inc. TSLA the owner sued the company and its CEO Elon Musk for misleadingly advertising fully self-driving software technology as either fully functional or “just around the corner” despite knowing it was non-working or non-existent and making vehicles unsafe. He reportedly paid a $5,000 premium for his 2018 Model X to get an “enhanced autopilot,” which was sold as a precursor to the FSD software suite.

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Bluebird bio receives a consecutive nod: bluebird bio inc. BLUE announced that the FDA has approved its gene therapy to treat a rare inherited neurodegenerative disease called cerebral adrenoleukodystrophy, which affects young boys between the ages of 4 and 17. The drug’s wholesale price is set at $3 million, making it the most expensive drug to date.

Elon Musk receives a pat on the back: Tesla CEO Elon Musk received praise from Eric Schmidt, which formerly served as Alphabet Inc. GOOGL GOOG unity GoogleChairman and Chief Executive Officer of , for providing Ukraine with SpaceXit is Stellar Link terminals.

“Elon is a real hero in the story,” he reportedly said, praising him for the internet speed provided by Starlink as he traveled by train in Ukraine.

What else: United States President Joe Biden signaled that he was not yet decided whether to run for office in 2024. It is an intention to run again, he said, adding that it remains to be seen whether this is a firm decision to run.

Russian President Vladimir Poutine said that if Europe wanted more gas, it should lift sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. He denied Russia’s role in Europe’s current energy crisis and blamed the situation on “the green agenda” of the continent.


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