Egyptian author Serag Monier came with his new book “A Pacific Love”


“Peaceful Love”an exemplary story was given by the extremely talented writer Serag Monier. The unique story captivates all readers with its brilliance.

Serag Monier, the Egyptian author offers exceptional plots with his books. The author spreads an incredible aura with his new book A peaceful love. The book is out and available for all readers from February 16, 2022. The artist takes me and all other readers on a different journey with the book. It was an opportunity for me to embark on a unique journey because the author tackles a whole new subject with the book. In this book, the author showed the image of a girl who cannot find hope in anything because her fate has never been on her side. Her situation has made her like this. On the other hand, the book revolves around the story of a dolphin and how he has always thought of human beings. The entire story revolves around these two, and more will be discovered as it progresses.

“Peaceful Love”, the book is a story of hope and positivity. Its captivating story attracts many readers. Apart from that, the award-winning writer Serag monier gave away quite a few books that turned the heads of many readers. This author generally writes in Arabic language and later some of them were translated into English to reach more people. This book is available in Kindle and paperback format on Amazon. I recommend everyone to follow him on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about his work.

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