East Cowes MedTec Celebrates 40 Years of Fine Design


An EAST Cowes company that can be dedicated to designing everything from pianos to prosthetic limbs, celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2021.

MedTec Design Services, of East Cowes, originated across the Medina from Cowes and takes its name from its proximity to the river and the nature of its operations.

The company, previously located on the Samuel Whites Estate, was established in 1981 by original directors John Durrell and Peter Hodgson.

Peter retired in 2013 and John gained a new partner, Joe Kitney.

The original directors of MedTec, John Durrell and Peter Hodgson.

In January 2017, the couple retired and handed over the role of directors to three experienced employees; Daniel Carley, Andrew Durrell and Chris Hooper.

With new directors, a new office in East Cowes was created and the team tried to bring a new approach while retaining the original values ​​of the company.

MedTec said it is aiming for an extremely high level of service to a wide range of businesses of all sizes, from innovators and people looking to turn their ideas into reality, to multi-million pound companies.

Its design community has worked on numerous engineering and design projects across multiple industries, from designer pianos to prosthetic limbs, using the latest technology and cutting edge software packages.

MedTec said it takes pride in providing unparalleled service and receives many loyal customers.

Director Daniel Carley said, “We want our customers to come back with confidence that the drawings and design packages they receive will allow for trouble-free production.

Isle of Wight County Press: MedTec Team Design Discussion.Discussion on the design of the MedTec team.

“We believe the work ethic of the MedTec team impresses our customers who come back often for repeat orders.

“Although MedTec has gone through many changes over the past four decades, one thing has always remained the same: the passion to provide local work and local staffing.

“We have employed hundreds of staff, many of whom have launched successful careers in engineering design; the bases of these skills were formed during their stay at MedTec. ”

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