Donald Trump’s favorite author takes a massive jibe at former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick again, includes Megan Rapinoe this time


Nick Adams is not someone who will keep his opinion to himself. The outspoken author never backs down, especially with Colin Kaepernick. His latest move against the former San Francisco 49ers QB is a no-brainer. However, he’s upped the dig this time around, as author Adams is also targeting one of Kap’s top supporters, Megan Rapinoe.

Colin Kaepernick tried to make the case for a job in the NFL. Due to his militant actions during his active career, several entities issued their verbal anger against him. Even Donald Trump has made combative statements about him. Now Trump-endorsed guy Nick Adams has come forward to continue taking jabs at the athlete-turned-activist.


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Nick Adams continues the online bashing of Colin Kaepernick by posting his lyrics on social media. Moreover, her advance to fame came after Donald Trump publicly endorsed her book. Nick slammed Colin Kaepernick and Megan Rapinoe while supporting NFL athletes JJ Watt and Tim Tebow.


Legendary ‘American Underdog’ QB Kurt Warner once gave an honest take on Colin Kaepernick’s situation

about 13 hours ago

He tweets, “The world needs more athletes like JJ Watt and Tim Tebow and less like Megan Rapinoe and Colin Kaepernick.”

Best-selling author criticizes recent Presidential Freedom Honor recipient Megan Rapinoe for her kneeling position. Kaepernick’s pregame posture inspired her to point out the issues surrounding the United States. This led to widespread revolution and gained supporters as well as critics. Even though it cost him his NFL career, Colin didn’t put an end to his cause and did what he thought was right.

Soccer star Rapinoe also thanked him in his speech after receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Megan addresses Coin as “brave” and someone who “gave us all the way to use our voices.”

Nick Adams totally hates Colin Kaepernick and other top athletes

Nick Adams has no love and only criticism of Colin Kaepernick and his activities. He also has similar thoughts about various athletes who raise their voices or use social media to draw attention to American political issues. Colin Kaepernick is one such figure, but the author still remains unhappy with various other people.


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Author Adams also compiled a list of “woke up the athletes” in a tweet that includes the former 49er and many other players as targets.


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Additionally, the author controversially includes LeBron James as “LeFraud James”, Steph Curry, Joe Burrow, Jim Harbaugh, Gabe Kapler, and more. Many of these sports personalities have made their voices heard on multiple political issues. This led Adams to make them their targets.

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