CoastLine: Wiley Cash on the Mysteries of Creativity, Abandonment and Bad Art


“Our world – whatever that word means to you – is waiting for us to engage with it, to observe it, to surrender to it. If we pay attention to it, it will reveal something to us that will redirect the course of our creativity. What else could we ask of this world? By surrendering to it, what else could it ask of us?

So write Wiley Cash as part of an essay on creativity.

While this New York Times bestselling author has published four novels, garnering a series of literary awards along the way, he writes an article titled The Creators of North Carolina for four North Carolina-based arts and culture magazines . He has also written short stories and essays for The Oxford American, Garden & Gun, The Bitter Southerner and Our State Magazine.

It Works / Wiley Cash


Wiley Cash interviewed NYT opinion writer and editor Margaret Renkl about her creative process

He teaches fiction writing and literature at the University of North Carolina – Asheville. And he recently launched an online creative community called It works. It’s his fascination with his own creative process and involving others in the creative flow – writing, yes, but not just writing – that we explore in this edition of CoastLine.


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