Canadian author Allan LeLoup publishes a political fiction novel: Our Man From The Ukraine


Allan LeLoup announces the release of his latest novel, Our Man from Ukraine.

In the book, Harry Zakal is a desperate Ukrainian immigrant. He posted something at work about Ukraine and now he’s being accused of being a communist. He fights against the FBI. Harry learns that to stay fair, he must resist all dogmatism.

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About Our man from Ukraine:

In the book, Harry’s son Ray goes to military college against his parents’ advice and ends up commanding a battalion on Hill 355 in Korea. After the truce, Ray travels to Oxford University and defends his doctoral thesis on how a small group of evil individuals can rise to power and undermine the fragile democratic impulse. Ray’s analysis begins with Pier L’Hermit who activated the Crusades and the horror that followed and he offers some hope for the democratic boost provided liberal and conservative Democrats understand the dangers of the words spoken by extremists like Pier L’Hermit.

Harry has a bad heart and has a series of near-death dreams in which he is invited to a new shore but on several occasions he is not allowed to moor his boat, and instead God tells him to finish his work. Towards the end of his life, Harry underwent bypass surgery and then returned to his native Ukraine for the first time in nearly fifty years. While there, he revisits areas of his youth and offers insightful commentary on the state of affairs relative to his departure as an immigrant fleeing the Holodomor and anti-Semitism.

Ultimately, it’s the power to say “no” to power and “no” to false prophets like Stalin, Lenin and Hitler that leads Harry to his final destination. He saw dogmatics in action in the old country and he experienced the results of dogmatic pursuits in his adopted country. Harry rejects the world and the things in it, believing that everything must be left behind and that to reach the new shore one must say “No”.

About the Author:

Allan LeLoup was born in Canada. It is his first novel. Allan LeLoup studied at the University of Toronto and several other universities. The right to privacy, the security state, the incursive state, freedom of expression and the rights of minorities are of particular interest to him.


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