Bota Bio and Medichem partner to advance sustainable pharmaceutical manufacturing


The collaboration will leverage Bota Bio’s enzyme engineering expertise to create enzymes that can easily be integrated into conventional Medichem chemical processes.

Bota Bio, with operations in the United States and China, announced a business development collaboration to increase sustainability while reducing API manufacturing costs.

Under the terms of the agreement, Bota Bio and Spain’s Medichem will collaborate to advance two high-value API programs. Bota Bio will develop new enzymes to catalyze efficient and environmentally friendly production methods that minimize the need for expensive reagents and intermediates. Medichem will be responsible for developing, scaling, manufacturing and marketing the APIs from its facilities in Spain and Malta.

“The pharmaceutical industry is increasingly demanding sustainable ways to manufacture important active ingredients. Enzymes provide an excellent solution, however, they are not yet widely used due to the low activity and in-process stability of unmodified enzymes. We are delighted to have entered into this innovative collaboration with Bota Bio, as Bota Bio has assembled an industry-leading enzyme engineering team with a track record of transformative improvements in pharmaceutical manufacturing,” said Jose Luis Rodriguez MirandaDirector of Operations, Medichem.

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