Belarusian engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. declared the completion of the rebranding


UST Inc. founder and general designer Anatoly Unitsky is pictured in front of a high speed vehicle

The Rope Transport (vehicles in the photo) is an electric vehicle without a human that travels on rope rails

The new logo of Unitsky String Technologies Inc.

Back to the roots. Belarusian engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. declared the completion of the rebranding, which began in 2020.

Unitsky String Transport is a complex, infrastructural, and industry-leading product, spanning many areas of related knowledge, from logistics and transportation to energy engineering and communications.

– Anatoli Unitsky

MINSK, BELARUS, November 18, 2021 / – The main reasons for the rebranding are a new stage in the development of string technologies and the company’s entry into the global market, as well as a comeback to terminological and technological origins. The company’s new brand in English – Unitsky String Technologies Inc. (until 2020 – SkyWay Technologies Co.) – combines both the name of the technology it all started with and the surname of its author.

New stage of development

Unitsky String Technologies Inc. is an engineering company engaged in the design, development, production, testing, certification and maintenance of fundamentally new and physically perfect transportation and infrastructure complexes in viaduct design. Their creation is based on the invention of Anatoli Unitsky – a string rail. The transport and rail infrastructure complexes developed by Unitsky String Technologies Inc. in 2021 have been certified in the United Arab Emirates to international standards. They are characterized by high efficiency, safety, reliability and durability.

In 2020, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. completed the major part of the research and development work on the creation of urban passenger transport complexes and infrastructure with all the elements:

– String viaduct;
– Rolling stock of various capacities;
– Intelligent control system;
– Power, security and communication systems;
– “second level” infrastructure (stations, depots, terminals, switches, etc.).

Thus, the company had the first product on the market ready for mass implementation. In 2021, this was confirmed by the certification of the complex and its key elements for compliance with safety requirements conducted by TUV SW (Certification & Standardization) at the uSky Innovation Center in the United Arab Emirates (Sharjah). The transition of the company from the “start-up” stage to the “business” stage has taken place. In fact, the start of the rebranding process, which began at the end of 2019 and spanned two years – from 2020 to 2021, was initially linked to the stage of development of this company.

“The rebranding is largely related to the exit of the rope transport development company to a new stage of development, when it had a fully-fledged market product in the field of mobility. Before that, the company had been at the stage of a business plan for several years, which was the main reason why the SkyWay investment brand was brought to the fore, ”commented the general designer. and founder of Unitsky String Technologies Inc. Anatoli Unitsky.

Avoid associations with investment activities

The major part of the investment which was devoted to the development of the engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc., including demonstration and certification centers with test tracks in Belarus and the United Arab Emirates, laboratories science and technology and production workshops, was attracted under the participatory investment program. The investment was made through foreign fund companies independent of the development company and not affiliated with it, networks of business angels and enthusiasts who have worked within the framework of partner programs offered by companies of funds. Such a financing model has demonstrated a high level of efficiency and for a short period has made it possible to travel a long way of technological development and to create a very intelligent market product. According to Anatoli Unitsky, this is a rare product that engineers and scientists create about once a century: “It is a complex, infrastructural, industry-leading product, covering many areas of knowledge. from logistics and transport to energy engineering and communications. “

However, crowdfunding has also had some side effects due to the fact that in many countries there is no clear legislative framework for it. It is considered there as an investment mechanism with increased risks. In this regard, financial regulators in some countries have issued warnings about the possible danger of investing in a number of fund companies that have used the term and SkyWay brand in the name (First SkyWay Invest Group Limited, Skyway Capital Ltd, Sky Way Invest Group). And, while such a warning does not indicate dishonesty in the actions of the companies mentioned, it has cast a shadow over the SkyWay brand and also affected the interests of the string haulage developer – Unitsky String Technologies Inc. After all, the company also used the term SkyWay in its advertising materials and in the company name in English until 2020 (this term was missing from the name in Russian).

After changing its name, Unitsky String Technologies Inc. emphasized its legal, financial and operational isolation from existing or existing fund companies. The logo, the translation of the company name from Russian to English and the elements of the visual identity have been changed. The new Unitsky String Technologies Inc. logo consists of two parts: a brand name and a unique graphic spelling of the company name. The sign consists of two parts – the letter “U”, which is the first letter of the surname of the general designer and author of string technologies (in English), and the outlines of the first electric wagon created in the company and received the international name Unibike U4-621.

The move from the “start-up” stage to the “business” stage and the associated rejection of the investment brand was marked by a return to the technological brand, which has historical significance and refers to the surname of the author of string transport. In addition, it is a step towards the unification of the denomination in the Russian and English versions. The new name of the group of companies should exclude the possibility of matching or confusing third-party companies with the activities of the engineering company Unitsky String Technologies Inc. established in Belarus.

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