Bainbridge Health and Purdue University Collaborate to Advance the Infusion Pump Industry


Collaboration will form the leading infusion pump management platform and community in the United States

The partnership with Bainbridge is the next step in the evolution of the REMEDI program, building on the vision and success of the Regenstrief Center to improve medication safety.

—Pavlos Vlachos

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, June 28, 2022 / — Today, Bainbridge Health and Purdue University announced a strategic collaboration to standardize infusion data management for the healthcare system, medical devices and pharmaceutical industries.

Through agreement, Bainbridge Health will assume Purdue University’s REMEDI CatalyzeCare application in Bainbridge’s Med OS® infusion management platform, forming the industry’s largest infusion network. REMEDI is Purdue’s evidence-based community of practice for medical device informatics aimed at patient safety and drug quality. Together, the two organizations serve hundreds of hospitals in three countries. Highlights of the agreement include:

● Bainbridge Health will assume the REMEDI CatalyzeCare application in Bainbridge’s Med OS® data science platform, forming the premier standard for infusion data management in the industry.
● Bainbridge will work closely with the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering to develop advanced capabilities leveraging Regenstrief’s unique computing, advanced statistics and artificial intelligence resources.
● Organizations will partner with new research to accelerate the speed and quality of academic research and contribute to the clinical evidence base.
● Organizations will provide information to device manufacturers, pharmaceutical manufacturers and 503(b) preparers to standardize drug concentrations and dispensing volumes to address ongoing supply chain constraints and strengthen forecasting and production planning.
● Organizations will spearhead the development of industry standards, including common definitions used in the analysis of perfusion data.

“Innovation requires partnership and collaboration. No single entity has all the resources and capabilities to truly usher in the next wave of innovation. We have long been admirers of the infusion community that Dr. Dan Degnan and his team at Purdue have led over the years, and we are incredibly honored to continue their tradition,” said Joseph Kaupp, CEO of Bainbridge Health.

Pavlos Vlachos, Director of the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering, said, “Partnering with Bainbridge is the next step in the evolution of the REMEDI program, building on the vision and success of the Regenstrief Center to improve medication safety. University-industry partnerships like this are excellent vehicles for translating advanced technology solutions and innovations from the university ecosystem into medical practice, to serve the community and help improve patient outcomes.

Medication errors remain one of the leading causes of harm to patients in the hospital setting, with over 50% of administration errors resulting in injury during the administration phase [1]. A recent ISMP survey found that while most clinicians believe that infusion pump data analysis is important for improving quality and safety, nearly 80% of respondents believed that their organizations lacked the time, tools, and resources to extract meaningful insights from infusion pump data. [2].

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Developed in collaboration with adult and pediatric healthcare systems, Bainbridge Health unlocks the full value of infusion pump data to improve safety, drive standardization and scale scarce clinical resources. Med OS from Bainbridge Health® a leading data science platform, hands-on clinical services team, and health systems network catalyze hard-to-manage data into actionable insights and interventions while dramatically reducing the “data management” burden for clinicians. To learn more, please visit or email us at [email protected]

* About the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering
The Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering at Purdue University is dedicated to creating, verifying, and delivering innovative solutions to health problems and healthcare challenges. It is designed to accomplish key missions in four areas:

• Health systems. Improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes by deploying sustainable solutions in healthcare systems.
• Population health and health equity. Translating discovery and innovation into actionable solutions to improve population health and address the root causes of health inequities through meaningful community engagement.
• Science of health data. Harness the power of health and healthcare data through Purdue’s strengths in computing, statistics and math.
• Health education and communication. Break down communication boundaries to translate innovative healthcare solutions.
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