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Zobiya Rashid and Kalima Iqbal

Class IX, DPS

Rooted in the soil of Kashmir are not only places, but also people and hearts. The languages ​​we speak and the places we visit run in our blood. Violence can destroy us, but not our talents. When you think of these talents, writing may be the most important of them.

There is a large increase in valley writers in the present day. It’s not just that people have found solace and approval in writing; true talent decided to pursue creative writing. The media and the public seem curious about these literates, reading their works and providing constructive feedback and criticism.

However, not all writers have a smooth start or even a smooth career. Writing is hard work, with challenges like editing, writing block, publicity, and more. So contrary to popular opinion, it’s rarely easy.

Although the nature of the work tends to be difficult, many students and youths in Kashmir have handled it well.

Zehwah Zahoor, a 19-year-old fresh out of high school, recently launched her book, which is a compilation of poems. The launch was celebrated in his school, in the presence of his teachers and his family. She is truly an inspiration to her juniors.

Abdul Muteen Shah, although now in his twenties, wrote two books in different languages ​​while still in school. Growing up, he was fluent in three languages: Kashmiri, English and Urdu, leading to the books he has now written. Although he put his writing career on hold for his graduate studies, he sees himself writing again in the future.

Emerging writers don’t always have to be young and inexperienced to be popular, do they? So when we talk about promising writers, we must not forget Mrs. Dheeba Nazir. Ms. Dheeba is currently a teacher at Delhi Public School, Srinagar, teaching cashmere to 7th and 8th graders. Talented, experienced and hardworking, Ms. Dheeba has published her own book, a compilation of short stories in her mother tongue, Kashmiri.

Their works include: “The Book of Two Empty Commas” by Zehwah Zahoor, “Kalm e Unns” by Abdul Muteen Shah and “Zareen Zakham” by Dheeba Nazir.

Kashmir has never been lacking in talent, let alone in terms of literature, cuisine, culture or tradition. We start with Kashmir, and with this proud idea, we will also take leave.

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