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Minecraft’s spectator mode is underrated compared to survival and adventure. What is the most important thing to know about this game mode? Minecraft is known for its multiple game modes, which include Creative, Survival, Adventure, and Spectator. While the first two are self-explanatory, the adventure and the spectator are often misinterpreted or unknown to players. See this introduction for a more detailed explanation of the objective of Adventure Mode.

Spectator mode was first implemented in Java Edition in version 1.8, so it has a long history. It’s a mode that’s only useful if you’re a server admin or dead in your extreme survival world. The most common questions players have are why a Minecraft world should be watched in the first place and how this mode works, both of which are answered below.

It’s still exclusive to Java Edition

Unfortunately, spectator mode is a privilege that only Java Edition players can enjoy. Although part of the spectator mode can be accessed through Bedrock modifications, the whole function remains unreliable. The feature will eventually be added to Bedrock, according to the developers.

Meanwhile, in Java Edition, spectator mode is still one of the four basic game modes. It is most often seen near the end of Extreme Survival Worlds, when the player’s only choice is to die as they cannot respawn.

How to Access Spectator Mode

It is not difficult to enter spectator mode. Just press T to activate the chat in the lower left corner of the screen and enter the command: /gamemode spectator, like any other game mode. When the initial half of the command is entered, a list with all the available game mode choices should be displayed.

If you’re in creative mode and cheats are enabled, you can also instantly access spectator mode by pressing F3+N.

Basic features in spectator mode

Spectator player flying over the forest and mountain biome in Minecraft
This mode has some fundamental properties. For starters, you can fly just like in creative mode, and you can even effortlessly travel through blocks, giving you x-ray vision. You can also travel through any type of creature while invisible and seeing all the objects around you.

Simply approach a player or creature and press the left mouse button to observe it. The number keys can be used to switch between players. To return to free flight mode, press Shift again.

It removes the HUD

The absence of a HUD and the freedom of movement in spectator mode can seem immensely strange at first glance. The conversation and any captions you have will still be visible on the screen. Your inventory, health, and hunger bars, on the other hand, will disappear.

In spectator mode, players can check their inventory, which will keep any items collected in another game mode such as survival. Interacting with inventory, on the other hand, is more difficult.

It makes you invisible

When you are in spectator mode, other players cannot see you unless they are also looking at the planet. This is why Minecraft server admins often use spectator mode to monitor users who may be breaking the rules in the background.

Non-spectators can see the player in question if the Glowing status effect is present on the spectator. It’s a cool little trick to perform on your buddies who might not be expecting to see a ghostly, floating, glowing figure of another player appear in front of them.

You can’t die, usually

Death is theoretically not a possibility for a spectator. In spectator mode, there are only two things that can successfully hurt or kill you. The first is killed using the /kill command, while the second falls into the void.

Everything else, however, is secure. Because the player can easily pass through the blocks, hazards like asphyxiation are not an issue. Lava and fire are similar in that they do not burn the audience. It is also impossible to drown.

Stealing is permanent

The intriguing aspect of Spectator Mode is that you can fly more easily than in Creative Mode, without being able to interact with the environment or having full access to all resources. It would be impossible to place your player model on a block.

The reason is that viewers will cut everything by definition. As a result, they are suspended in the air and can fly quickly by pressing the sprint key.

Items cannot interact with

Items cannot interact with, of course. You will not be able to use items in your inventory left over from your Survival or Adventure games in spectator mode.

Interacting with any of the game’s GUIs, such as a crafting table or an oven, is also an ineffective knight. The player will have access to them, but will not be able to interact with them.

Containers have no loot

As you look up, you can see hidden structures in your surroundings and be intrigued by what’s inside. Containers that spawn random treasure can only be accessed if they are in a chest that you or another player have actively dropped.

This is because loot from intact containers is calculated when the container is first opened. So don’t even consider using spectator mode to inspect chests all over your Minecraft world and cheat.

Spectator mobs

The ability to see not just players but any other creature in the environment except the Ender Dragon is perhaps the most interesting aspect of Spectator Mode. You can suddenly jump into a Creeper’s mind and experience the world through their eyes, which is, well, disturbing.

When spectated, some exceptional mobs will have specific filters. Endermen will perceive negative colors, while spiders will have distorted eyesight that mimics many eyes. Finally, you can experience what it’s like to be an ordinary Minecraft mob going about your business.


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