Author exposes office vices in “Workplace Rats”


A new book on corporate work culture and its vices titled “Workplace Rats” has been launched by author and journalist, Dr. Micheal Owhoko.

In a statement, the book, which admits that poor business model and financial management contribute to business failures, specifically identified theft as a major cause of failure in organizations.

The book which reveals the motivations, schemes, intrigues and tactics deployed by fraudulent employees to scam employers, also contains ways and how organizations can prevent workplace rats from carrying out their dishonest and unfair practices. ethics in the workplace.

A statement from Owhoko highlighted the long-term impact of vices on organizational progress.

He said: “Fraudsters in organizations are likened to rats in the workplace because they leave behind the destruction of valuables and capital through fraud and unethical practices, resulting in mostly bankruptcy or liquidation.

“Like rats, their actions cause pain because they never add value to anything. Wherever rats are found, the material order is utterly threatened. They destroy by consuming all valuables in sight.

According to him, “Like rats, there are people in organizations whose only motive is to perpetuate a selfish agenda by methods that advance their interests, even if it is at the expense of the organization.

“They have a sting-proof conscience that is unresponsive to malevolence, consequent destruction, loss, and pain resulting from their actions.”

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