Altered Carbon author talks new game with District 9 director


Newly established AAA studio Gunzilla Games made headlines earlier this year when District 9 Director Neill Blomkamp joined its ranks, but the ambitious studio is also home to bestselling author Richard K. Morgan, who wrote the original novel Altered Carbon. During a recent panel at Comic Con Ukraine, Morgan shared his philosophy on game stories, which will be incorporated into Gunzilla’s first major project.

Gunzilla is currently working on an “AAA multiplayer shooter for next-gen platforms,” ​​according to a press release, which has been in development for about a year. Morgan’s role in the game is to build his universe, and Blomkamp is on board as “Chief Visionary Officer”. While the studio has not released any information on the setting or the story of the game, Morgan was still keen to clarify his approach to the game’s narrative.

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“Usually in multiplayer shooter games, everyone and the detailed items, which tell their own story, remain largely untapped due to the focus on the main action,” Morgan told Comic Con Ukraine. “At Gunzilla, we want players to be able to gradually explore and understand the world they operate in. We want to provide options to do, see and experience more. Our robust reward system will allow players to benefit from narrative challenges that populate the world. game world, without having to focus on the usual performance metrics, accuracy and action-oriented elements of multiplayer shooter. “

“In addition, our game will offer a strong reputation system, which is intrinsically linked to the game’s storytelling,” he continued. “We want gamers to feel recognized and recognized in this world. If gamers who focus on RPGs want to play our game similar to their favorite genre, or rather just explore the world, they can! for those looking for a simpler shooting experience our game will offer that as well. Storytelling should never interfere with gameplay, especially in a multiplayer game. This is in keeping with our concern for player freedom: they should be able to choose their level of involvement in the story and not feeling pressured to experience it. “

While it’s unclear what stage of development the game is currently in, Morgan’s vision seems exceptionally ambitious – a multiplayer shooter that will also appeal to fans of narrative RPGs or exploratory sandbox games. Whether that is achieved or not, it will be interesting to see what Gunzilla’s unusual mix of creative talent comes up with.


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