Algae Biofuels Market 2028 Challenges, Key Players


Dallas, Texas, Nov. 16, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Algae has the potential to provide 2 to 20 times the production of conventional biofuel feedstocks such as corn, corn stalks, sorghum and beets, which are expected open new avenues for industry expansion throughout the forecast period. Rising R&D from several start-ups, as well as various oil and gas giants and university-led research consortia, is expected to accelerate production throughout the forecast period. However, technological barriers, as well as costly capital expenditures in the production of algal biomass and fuel, are likely to hamper the expansion of the industry.

The rapid growth of Algae Biofuels Market can be attributed to several attractive qualities of the algae-based biofuel. Higher yields than some crop-based biofuels currently in use, high energy content, rapid growth of microorganisms, and high biodegradability are the elements that make making algae-based biofuels practical. Bioethanol, methane, biodiesel, jet fuel, green diesel, biobutanol, and bio-gasoline are some of the biofuels that can be obtained.

Major Algae biofuel Market Manufacturers

Life Sciences Reliance
Sapphire Energy
Culture biosystems
Solix Biofuels
Original oils
Blue marble production
Genifuels algae systems

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Types of Algae Biofuels Market

Jet fuel
Green Diesel

Algae Biofuels Market Applications

Automotive and Transportation
Aeronautics and Defense

Third generation biofuels are growing in popularity due to the global search for greener and renewable alternatives to biofuels. Algae-based biofuel has evolved as a separate alternative, breaking the limits of biofuels from second-generation crops. Chlorella, Botryococcus braunii, Crypthecodinium cohnii and Nitzschia algae species are used to produce biofuel. The use of contemporary biochemical engineering techniques has also resulted in the formation of a solid technological basis for the same. Continuous research and industrial efforts are being undertaken to make the production of biofuels from algae economically and environmentally viable.

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The high potential of algae to create biodiesel, bioethanol, hydrocarbons and alternative biofuels as well as the manufacturer’s attempt to commercialize the product should offer new avenues for the sector.. Over the past decade, the algae industry has struggled to maintain its position in the biofuels market; furthermore, the decommissioning of major commercial algae-based biofuel projects has stifled the development of the industry. However, once producers are able to overcome the major barriers related to raw material manufacturing, capital cost and production quantities, the product has the potential to experience huge growth.

The introduction of biofuel requirements around the world will likely push manufacturers to invest more in R&D to create sustainable algae fuel production technologies during the forecast period. The United States produced about 1.14 billion gallons of biofuel in 2016 using a range of raw materials, including recycled seeds and animal fats. The great potential of algae to replace traditional sources of biofuel feedstocks, along with regulations imposed by the U.S. government, are expected to create new avenues for product growth, which will be adopted by other areas throughout the years. planned period.

There are countless start-ups around the world. Due to the region’s strong government support and minimal technological barriers, most of these players are based in North America. In order to reduce their dependence on raw material suppliers, companies in the sector must be integrated throughout the value chain. In addition, the sector should anticipate alliances and partnerships between producers in order to create large volumes of product while maintaining competitive prices.

The global algae biofuels market is segmented into segments such as application, product type, and regional scenario. Provincially, developed countries, such as North America and Europe, are likely to become increasingly profitable markets for green growth biofuels. It should be noted that many European economies are experiencing a growing interest in inexhaustible energies for transport. North America is another potentially profitable region, spurred by a few government initiatives to help investigate the commercialization of green growth biofuels. In addition, several new businesses in the district have attacked the Algae Biofuel exhibition and are considering new sources of income in the not-so-distant future.


1. Introduction
1.1. introduction
1.2. Definition and scope of the market
1.3. Units, currency, conversions and years considered
1.4. Key stakeholders
1.5. Answers to key questions
2. Research methodology
2.1. introduction
2.2. Data capture sources
2.3. Market size estimate
2.4. Market forecast
2.5. Data triangulation
2.6. Assumptions and limitations
3. Market outlook
3.1. introduction
3.2. Market dynamics
3.2.1. Conductors
3.2.2. Constraints
3.2.3. Opportunities
3.2.4. Challenges
3.3. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis
3.4. PEST analysis
4. Algae Biofuels Market by Type, 2018-2028 (USD Billion)
4.1. Bioethanol
4.2. Biodiesel
4.3. Bioessence
4.4. Methane
4.5. Jet fuel
4.6. Biobutanol
4.7. Green Diesel
4.8. Others
5. Algae Biofuels Market by Application, 2018-2028 (USD Billion)
5.1. Automotive and Transportation
5.2. Aeronautics and Defense
5.3. Others …… continued

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