Alec Baldwin Joins Tributes Praising ‘Larger Than Life’ Peter Bogdanovich


Alec Baldwin joined the crowd of famous faces who paid homage to “larger than life” Peter Bogdanovich after his death at the age of 82.

Celebrities such as Jeff Bridges Laura Dern and Barbara Streisand also remembered the American director, describing him as a “friend and teacher”.

Bogdanovich, known for films such as The Last Picture Show and Mask, died of natural causes Thursday morning at his Los Angeles home, his daughter Antonia Bogdanovich said.

Speaking in a video posted to Instagram, Baldwin described Bogdanovich as a “wonderful storyteller” and praised his 1973 comedy Paper Moon.

“I have met him several times and I was a great admirer of him. He was a real iconoclast, ”he said.

“Wonderful filmmaker, wonderful storyteller, interesting guy, wonderful writer and… he was definitely one of those larger-than-life figures in the entertainment and film industry.

Speaking about Bogdanovich’s films, he added: “They are very peaceful, they are very funny but there is a warmth and a great humanity in them.

“Rest in peace Peter Bogdanovich.”

Big Lebowski star Jeff Bridges said Bogdanovich left behind the gift of “his amazing films and ideas.”

“My heart is broken – my dear friend Peter is no longer with us in his physical form,” the actor tweeted.

“I loved him and will miss him. What a wonderful artist.

“He left us the gift of his incredible films and his ideas about the filmmakers he admired so much. I love you Pierre.

Multi-award-winning actress Dern said that Bogdanovich “taught me so much” and gave her a big first acting opportunity.

Posting a photo on Instagram from the shooting of the 1985 movie Mask, she wrote, “Another lost hero.


“My teacher and guide, who gave me my first big acting opportunity.

“My lifelong friend, who taught me so much about cinema.

“I love you, Peter, with everything.”

Legendary American singers Streisand and Cher, who both appeared in Bogdanovich’s films, have expressed their sadness at the loss.

Streisand, who starred in his crazy 1972 comedy What’s Up, Doc ?, said, “Peter always made me laugh!

“He’s going to keep making them laugh up there too.” May he rest in peace.”

Cher, who starred in Mask alongside Dern, said the director has discovered “some incredibly talented artists” throughout his career.

Bogdanovich was born in Kingston, New York, in 1939, and started out as a journalist and film critic before moving on to the movies.

His well-known films include The Last Picture Show in 1971, which won eight Oscar nominations, and Paper Moon in 1973.

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