AFRY: to design a permanent road link with the island of Hailuoto near Oulu, Finland


Thu 03/24/2022 – 09:00

AFRY’s strong contribution to Finnish alliance projects continues as we are chosen as one of the engineering partners of the Hailuoto Causeway project. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has selected AFRY, Plaana, Ponvia and GRK as alliance partners to build an 8.4 kilometer long causeway, replacing the current ferry service.

Hailuoto is located about 50 kilometers from Oulu and is the largest island in the Bay of Bothnia. The plan is to build a causeway between Oulu and Hailuoto Island, replacing the current ferry service. The 8.4 kilometer long causeway consists of a road passing over an embankment and two 750 meter long bridges.

The road connection will improve Hailuoto’s accessibility nationally and regionally, enable better transportation links to the island and local businesses, and expand the area where Hailuoto residents can seek work.

– We are able to combine our extensive network of expertise and local know-how in this project. With great partners, we will start developing a major road project that will have long-term impacts, says Mikko Inkala, Transport Infrastructure Manager, AFRY Finland.

The project begins with a development phase, approximately at the end of March 2022. During this phase, a construction plan will be created and the implementation of the project prepared. The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency will then make a separate decision on the implementation phase of the project. This phase can begin once the water permit decision for the project becomes effective. The actual construction of the causeway can begin in spring 2023 at the earliest, and the causeway could be ready by the end of 2025 at the earliest.

Four bidders participated in the tender.

– It’s great to get to the development phase with the selected alliance partners. We can use the expertise of the designer, the contractor and the client to get the most out of the project, says Terhi Honkarinta, project manager at the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency.

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