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In this Town Talk, our editor Mike McCool interviews Todd K. Dennick. Todd is the author of the novel It Will Come: Adventures in Alaska pale in comparison to surviving sepsis.

It will come is Denick’s first novel and is published by LALO Publishing, Inc, a local publishing house owned by Charles and Bryane Lickson.

Denick, a Sepsis survivor, was born in Virginia, educated at Virginia Tech, rampaged in Alaska, and now tame and live in Germany. Denick is a writer, musician and educator living with his wife, son and two dogs in the charming German region of Franconian Switzerland.

Covid and Sepsis come together in this true story of the author, who moved from Virginia to Alaska. He soon felt at home in his little cabin and on the sled dog trails of interior Alaska. This true story took a turn when Kris fell in love with a beautiful German tourist in Alaska. Their only child was born in Alaska. Kris Williams and her family move to Germany and find themselves in a new battle with sepsis. After an allergic reaction to a painkiller commonly used in Germany but illegal in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, Kris’ physical condition quickly becomes critical. Comatose, delirious and battling intensive care psychosis as his body becomes septic and shuts down one organ at a time, Kris’ death becomes far more possible in Germany than escaping forty temperatures below and wild animals in Alaska.

It will come unfolds the story of Kris’ impending death and the impact on the Williams family. Waking angry and confused from an eight-week coma, Kris struggles to understand why he’s in the hospital and ignores the frustrating years of recovery that lie ahead.

The Williams family’s ordeal requires them to deal with several different hospitals and a rotating cast of doctors, nurses and therapists – all promising a full recovery. Then, the Covid-19 arrives, closing hospitals and medical offices. This international pandemic not only interrupts Kris’ treatment, but also imposes another layer of stress and deceptive promises on their family struggle.

Delivered with the stunning details that only a survivor can provide, It will come is a sensitive and evocative portrait of the Williams family’s battle with sepsis.

Written in a fact-based fiction style, everything in the book actually happened to the author and his family. It’s inspiring and destined to resonate with readers long after the last page has been turned.

Book available on Amazon.

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