Acclaimed author April Dávila publishes ‘The Scribbling Buddha’, a new newsletter for busy writers


April Davila

I see The Scribbling Buddha as a lightweight aggregation of resources for busy writers looking to write more and suffer less.

—April Davila

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, June 14, 2022 / — The Scribbling Buddha newsletter is compiled weekly by novelist and meditation instructor April Dávila, who started it to share the resources that inspire her in his life as a writer. Much of the content is about books, writing, and mindfulness, but she reserves the right to share just about anything that interests her. Dávila sees it above all as a space to play with words.

“I see The Scribbling Buddha as a lightweight aggregation of resources for busy writers looking to write more and suffer less,” says Dávila. “In fact, it’s his slogan: write more, suffer less. Each week, he offers a bulleted list of eight great resources for writers, including crafting instructions, tips for a balanced lifestyle, inspirational quotes, “nerd words” (obscure words defined – because that writers should always expand their vocabulary), and more. .”

The newsletter is sent by Substack every Friday morning and lasts about two minutes. Regarding her origin story, Dávila says, “I’ve been blogging at since 2010 (and was recognized by Writer’s Digest as one of the top 101 websites for writers: https://aprldavila .com/april-davila-bio/about-this-blog/), but I wanted a platform that was not linked to my own content. I sometimes link to my own articles in the newsletter, but mostly I make links to other writers and resources that inspire me. This gives readers a glimpse behind the curtain of my life as a writer on the things I think about, the things that eventually get processed through my brain and end up on the page or on my blog.

But most importantly, according to Dávila, “I want the Scribbling Buddha newsletter to be a fun weekly update that people are excited to see in their inbox on Fridays, something that inspires and entertains.”

April Davila

April Dávila earned her undergraduate degree in biology at Scripps College before continuing her writing studies at USC. She is a mindfulness meditation instructor (certified by the Greater Good Science Center at the University of California, Berkeley) and co-founder of A Very Important Meeting. In 2019, his short story “Ultra” was nominated for a Pushcart award. Dávila’s novel “142 Ostriches” won the WILLA Prize for Women Writing the West. Publisher’s Weekly called it a “spirited and uplifting start”. A fourth-generation Californian, she lives in La Cañada Flintridge with her husband and two children. She is a practicing Buddhist, a half-hearted gardener, and an occasional runner.

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