A sci-fi dud with a maddening ending sees the future streaming


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Even kids know that the laziest way to end any type of creative writing project is the old classic “and then I woke up, and it was all just a dream”. With that in mind, you can only imagine how audiences felt when the final scene of the 2007 sci-fi action thriller Next unfolded before their eyes.

Nicolas Cage has one of his many bad days in the lead role of Cris Johnson, a magician who has the ability to witness events minutes before they happen, a gift he squanders by being a carny at street level. However, his skills are put to the test when he is enlisted by a federal agent to try to prevent a terrorist plot that threatens to result in a nuclear explosion on the streets of Los Angeles.


It’s a decent setup, and the $78 million comes with the possibility of splashy visuals and sleek sets, and we haven’t even mentioned the talent of Jessica Biel, Thomas Kretschmann, and Julianne Moore in supporting roles. And even, Next chose to torpedo any goodwill it had cultivated by ending with a moan rather than a bang, thus rendering any investment on the part of the viewer completely and utterly obsolete.

It may not have been a huge factor, but news of that shaky third act may have caused Next plunging at the box office, when you consider that it didn’t even manage to recoup its budget from theaters. However, Prime Video subscribers clearly haven’t heard of the finale that pissed off fans 15 years ago, at least if we’re basing our findings on the platform’s global watchlist.

By FlixPatrol, Lee Tamahori’s ill-judged attempt to subvert expectations has become one of the streaming service’s top tracks and even sits at number eight in the UK charts. Not one of Cage’s best, but oddly not his worst, it’s just a little…there.

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