A Plague Tale: Requiem will have 300,000 rats, sixty times more than the first game



A Plague Tale: Requiem will feature 300,000 rats on PS5, which is sixty times more rats than the original game.

As revealed in a new PlayStation blog post (opens in a new tab)the sequel to A Plague Tale has been updated to PS5, so much so that developer Asobo was able to add even more rats to the game, sixty times more in fact. According to the post, “For this second game, we wanted to push the next-gen possibilities to the max to take rat-induced horror and trauma to the next level,” said Nicolas Bécavin, the game’s lead engine programmer. .

“The number of rats on screen has increased 60 times, from 5,000 to 300,000”, explains Bécavin, “it’s a good number to convey the vision of the apocalypse which increasingly oppresses our heroes .” It’s not just the amount of rats that has changed, the developer also adds that the team changed the aspect of rat movement “so that they move like a giant wave”, which is exactly what want Amicia and Hugo, a tsunami rat.

Another way the developer was able to improve A Plague Tale: Requiem comes down to PS5 haptic feedback. According to the same post, the PS5 DualSense controller will provide realistic feel for Amicia’s weapons, meaning that if a weapon requires more pressure, adaptive triggers will adjust the effort required from players.

In addition to that, the post mentions how the game’s audio has been “completely reworked” with haptic feedback. This means “swarms of rats can be subtly felt through the pad, through stereo vibrations”. It also means you’ll be able to feel movement around you through the controller as you play, including the direction the rats are coming from.

To get an idea of ​​the kind of atrocities Hugo and Amicia will face this time around, take a look at our A Plague Tale: Requiem hands-on preview.

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