A New Young Adult Author Is Making “Magic”


The Songs of Magic crosses the magical and non-magical realms as its author lives out his own dream of being a writer.


The magic songs

by Kaelyn Hamm


$26.99 hardcover

$19.99 softcover

jazz cat edition


Once in a Blue Moon, a young adult novel comes out and not only is it good, but it’s also written by a young adult herself.

Meet Kaelyn Hamm from St. Albert, a recent college grad with a degree in music who has combined her two passions in The magic songs.

“When I was little, I used to write…well, I tried to write a lot of stories. I remember in middle school when you take your provincial exams and they tell you to do creative writing, I was always just on the edge for having had enough time because I always wanted to write longer and more stories,” she began.

“Between semesters in college, I couldn’t find a job one summer, so I thought, ‘Well, now is the perfect time. I might as well write.’ I took a summer and dedicated it to writing. I love music and I love stories, so I thought, ‘Why not combine them?'”

The magic songs was released earlier this month. The young adult fantasy fiction novel is about a girl who discovers that she is part of a group of magical beings called Singers. Cassandra is 15 and hears strange music. She hears and sees even stranger things when a dragon crashes into her school’s parking lot. This leads her on a road trip across Canada with an elf and an imp as she tries to save the magical and non-magical realms from a dark mage.

The inevitable Harry Potter comparison aside, the story behind the story is a lesson for all struggling writers.

“In the past, I was always very caught up in the details of trying to write books. It was always [about] world-building and I never really would have gotten down to writing it because I got so caught up in planning it,” she confessed.

She read Stephen King On writing and took his advice: imagine a scenario for your character and then simply write without having the end in sight yet.

The script Hamm dreamed up could perhaps have fit into a number of different genres.

“I was like, ‘Well, what if I had this girl and in front of her, her teacher turned into a rhinoceros? What would happen?’ That was the initial idea, and then everything developed from there.”

The first draft took a year, then sat on a shelf, giving her time to focus on her studies. After his summons, The magic songs called him again. She wanted to finish what she started, and she also wanted to do it right. She hired an editor and took writing advice from a local author, and even watched online videos about editing.

Eventually, she started her own business to publish her books. This is the first release from Jazz Cat Publishing, but it probably won’t be the last. Early reports from readers – even from older readers – are encouraging. It’s a delightful read, seemingly coming from a seasoned writer whose ease with the story belies his whimsical rhinoceros origin.

The book is part of a trilogy she plans to publish. She is currently working on the second book, waiting for the world to open promotional event opportunities. People can visit his website to learn as these plans come to fruition.

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