A Fisherman’s Journey “is a deeply personal memoir of the author’s time as a commercial fisherman and raising a family.


Derrell Short, a retired commercial fisherman and handyman, has completed his new book “Oiled: A Fisherman’s Journey”: an exclusive account of the author’s time spent as a commercial fisherman while raising a family on the water. remote island of Kodiak. He recounts his struggles and experiences while imparting his unique wisdom that only years of experience against the harsh but beautiful landscape of Alaska can provide.

As Short states: “In this memoir various experiences and details are described, including a summary of some of the [my] life before and after Alaska, as well as the trauma and chores of cleaning up the massive and incompetent Exxon oil spill in 1989.

Posted by Page Publishing, Derrell Short’s gripping tale follows Short as he moves to Alaska to work as a commercial fisherman for over twenty-nine years and raise a family. He describes the time he spent working on a boat, building his home on the island for his family, meeting bears in the wild and on other adventures while leading his work helping the cleaning up the Exxon oil spill. Throughout this tale, Short shares his understanding of nature and asks readers with a passionate plea to protect each other and our wonderful and fragile world.

Readers wishing to explore this irreverent work can purchase “Oiled: A Fisherman’s Journey” in bookstores around the world, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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