A 3D printing device makes it possible to study biofilm treatments


August 29, 2022

A team from Montana State University (MSU) has developed a 3D printing device “capable of reproducing microbial mosaics and thus allowing the study of new innovative treatments by biofilm”.

A report from the Dental Tribune indicates that it is hoped that the development of this device will aid research into an alternative to using chemicals in dynamic biofilm environments.

Developed over two years by Kathyrn Zimlich, a doctoral student at the university’s Center for Biofilm Engineering, and Isaak Thornton, a doctoral student and mechanical engineering researcher at MSU, the creation of the 3D printing device offers the possibility of reproducing ” more complex and layered biofilms found in nature”. “, according to a press release from MSU.

“Even the simplest biofilm systems are complicated,” Zimlich said. “It’s like a forest where there is a lot of diversity. We needed new tools to see how this diversity grows and sustains,” she added.

The research that stems from this advance could play a role in the future in preventing, among other things, the accumulation of plaque on the teeth, since it will make it possible to study what the press release calls “innovative treatments”.

“One thing that’s becoming clearer is that it’s possible to treat these pathogenic bacteria by changing the interactive biofilm environment instead of trying to use harsh chemicals,” said Zimlich, whose research adviser is Matthew Fields, director of the Center for Biofilm Engineering. For example, treatments might involve the introduction of harmless bacteria that compete with harmful microbes and disrupt the protective biofilm.

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