3D printers help bring community members’ designs to life


MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) – As part of an initiative to provide more learning opportunities for members of the Madison County community, the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library now has 3D printers.

The library can print everything from toys to phone stands for your desk, cookie cutters and even prosthetics.

The printer is part of their Makers Space Studio which hosts different hands-on classes such as 3D printing, sewing, and science. The space is accessible to anyone with a library card.

Nora Bahr is a Makers Space Specialist at the Madison Public Library. She told News 19 that their goal was to make technology more accessible to members of the community.

So, when it comes to the printer, his favorite part is seeing someone’s design come to life. “There’s a big difference between ‘I bought a toy off the shelf’ and ‘I 3D printed a toy,'” Bahr explained. “Yeah, they’re both plastic, yeah, it’s kinda similar, but there’s this property of ‘I made this, I picked the color, I helped put this together , I loaded the printer.’ It gives them a sense of belonging.”

Bahr also shared that printers are sneakily falling under their initiative for STEAM learning programs.

STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. “They’re taking away a STEAM learning process without ever realizing they’re learning,” Bahr told News 19.

Instructions on how to submit a design and other events that Makers Space Studio hosts can be found here.

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